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Our cats

At ClassicDolls we strive to breed the finest Ragdolls with exquisite soft coats, stunning blue eyes and fabulous personalities. We try our best to keep our ragdolls 100% traditional.


Color:   Blue Mitted

DOB:    8 th , 2020

Sire:     PL Ragissa Lagos

Dam:    Marlcreek Elisabeth

Ume came to us all over from Europe. She is a solid, robust girl with a super thick and plush coat. She
has a super profile with a beautiful scoop and good chin. Her eyes are big and beautiful blue! On top of
that she has a gorgeous, wide muzzle, and a perfect ear set. We are beyond happy with this girl. On top
of her looks, she also has the personality! Ume defines everything a Ragdoll should be - as soon as you
pick her up she melts right into your arms, purring like a little motor boat and looking up at you with
those enchanting blue eyes. We are so in love with this girl!


Color:   Seal Bicolor

DOB:    June 8 th , 2020

Sire:     PL Ragissa Lagos

Dam:   Marlcreek Elisabeth

Ullia is our Czech girl….One of the favorites in our house, always by our side and looking for attention!
She has a beautiful ear set, a short face with wide cheek pads and strong chin. She also has the most
beautifully shaped eyes!


Color:   Blue Bicolor

DOB:     June 13 th , 2020

Sire:      RW SGC O’malley Diamond Dolls Adamo

Dam:     Eulalie Elishka

Meet our Fiona, a very special ragdoll, that has everything you could have dreamed to see in a ragdoll:
big deep blue eyes, strong body set, perfect ears and a sweet personality! She loves to be around us,
sleep on my lap and what is one of the unique things about her is that she loves kids. Fiona is perfect
mommy and keep her own “kids” very well taken care off! We love our Fiona girl!


Color:    Blue Bicolor

DOB:     June 13th, 2020

Sire:       RW SGC O’malley Diamond Dolls Adamo

Dam:     Eulalie Elishka

Peony is a sweet girl, that brought so many joy to our family! She is the one to first greet you in a house
when you come in, always looking for attention and hates to be on her own… Peony has strong body
structure, wide cheek pads and nice head type! She is a super kind and easy going girl and we could not
be happier about her!


Color:    Seal Mitted

DOB:     August 2nd, 2017

Sire:       DarlinLilDolls Teddy Boy of Bluegem

Dam:      Soulmates Irish Rose of Bluegem

Oscar has a sturdy, strong body with a fantastic big and plush coat. He has perfect little ears and a
gorgeous face expression. Not only is he beautiful, Oscar has a wonderful sweet personality. He is gentle
and floppy and loves attention! Oscar melts as soon as you look at him. He goes limp in the arms of
whomever picks him up, kneading his feet and staring deep into your eyes... This boy truly has us all
enchanted! We are very proud of him!

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