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We are Christian family Ragdoll cattery, located in North Port, Florida. At ClassicDolls we strive to breed the finest Ragdolls with exquisite soft coats, stunning blue eyes and fabulous personalities. We try our best to keep our ragdolls 100% traditional. That is why our cattery was named ClassicDolls. We offer beautiful Ragdolls kittens with a variety of colors and patterns. All of our cats and kittens are raised underfoot in 100% love and luxury. Kittens are loved and adored from the time they are born until the time that they go home. Our kittens are well socialized with other cats and child. Our main goal is to provide healthy babies with sweet personality to forever homes with families that will love and cherish them all their lives. We feed only premium, grain-free diets and use litters that are free of chemicals. Our ragdolls go home at the age of 12 weeks, with TICA and CFA registration papers, 2 sets of shots, free of internal/external parasites (dewormed), and a health guarantee.



If you are considering bringing a Ragdoll Kitten into your home, please contact us. Our ragdoll kittens are available in Blue and Seal colors exclusively and in the Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bicolor patterns. We’d love to tell you more about our cattery and would love to educate you about the breed or answer any more questions you may have. Everybody who adopts a ragdoll kitten from us becomes part of the ClassicDolls Family, and we’re always available for support, as everybody who’s had experience with our ragdolls can tell you!

While I do not ship my Ragdoll kittens, I am located within a reasonable drive from Sarasota, Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Jacksonville. 

What is a Ragdoll?

Ragdolls are large, loving, laid-back, medium to long hair cats with beautiful, big blue eyes. Male ragdolls are usually around 16-20 pounds once full grown and neutered, females should be around 12-15 pounds when full grown and spayed, on average Ragdolls adore their humans. They are gentle, and good with children, the elderly, and dogs. Ragdolls bathe and groom their moderately long, silky coats themselves. They are well behaved, and want to be with you.

Ragdolls come in the following colors: Seal and Blue and come in the following patterns: Bicolor, Mitted, Colorpoint and Lynx. 

Colorpoint Ragdolls: have the classic pointed markings with no white anywhere in their coat. They have darker point colors on their ears, tail, legs, and mask.


Mitteds have white feet in the front and white boots that go all the way up and around the hock in the back, a white chin and belly stripe. Mitted Ragdolls may have a blaze, star or hourglass shaped patch of white on their forehead and nose.

Bi-colors have more white; all four paws, their underbodies, chest, and an upside-down ‘V’ marking on their faces are white. They may have a splash or two of white on their backs.

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